About Us

From Little Things BIG  Things Grow..........................
Established in 2018, our family run business founded by Mother and Daughter who love the Territory lifestyle & everything it has to offer, makes living the dream that much easier. What's not to love Rodeos, Fishing, Hunting
& throwing the swag on the ute for an adventure or two.
Territory Tuff - Tuff Enuff for the Territory !

It started as a dream it became a Passion. Life is to short not to follow your dreams.

Territory Tuff is the culmination of 2 dreams - worlds apart.

A Mother and Daughter journey inspired more by the birth of our gorgeous 'MJ'.

While genetic links are the obvious connection, Country origins drive the passion.

'Rae' has years of experience in retail and mining, her passion has always been fashion.

'Shani' as a Jilleroo in the Kimberly of WA at 15, I thought my dreams were fulfilled from the underground mine fields in the Tanami desert, to a brand new Mum to a gorgeous baby girl, I now better understand what I want. 

"From Keats to the Tanami, Jillaroo to Miner, Country's in her boots"

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